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Fear Of Domination has been said to be one of the best Finnish industrial metal bands.
FoD gives the audience half-crazy, massive and highly theatrical shows which have left audiences in total awe. Shows incorporate pyros, UV-lights, facepaints, featured artists, theatrical acts, fireblowing and so on... combined with the apocalyptic-insane music and drive the band delivers. Still under the surface you can find elements from all sides of popular music.
Band was originally founded in 2006 in a garage, but got it's final form and shape around 2012 and from there on has steadily grown to be one of better known metal bands in Finland.
Fear Of Domination have toured in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany
and Sweden alone and together with bands like Deathstars, Turmion Kätilöt, Velcra, Shade Empire,
Hanzel and Gretyl, Amaranthe, PAIN and many many more, and continue on same road.

Saku - vocals

SAKU - vocals

Jessica - vocals

JESSICA - vocals

Jonne - guitar

JONNE - guitar

Jan - guitar

JAN - guitar

Lauri - synths

LASSE - synths

Lauri - bass

LAURI - bass

Miikki - drums

MIIKKI - drums

"The music is vivacious, engaging and diversified, taking full advantage of a large spectrum of sounds, chords and harmonies, while thumping your skull with a Metal hammer. Though they clearly have and industrial sound, they do not let the keyboards or electronica in the driver's seat all of the time. Instead, the music is dynamic, focusing on original songwriting, densely connected instrumental parts, and a delivery of sparkling production. They are fresh, inventive, fun and high spirited in a diabolical sort of way."
Metal-Temple review

"I've scrutinised this album with a fine tooth comb over the past few days, looking for something that needs a little bit of improvement or a section of a song that doesn't fit into the larger picture, but there's nothing. This is a flawless album and Fear Of Domination have really made a masterpiece here."
Soundscape Magazine 10/10 review

"Fear Of Domination is probably the best industrial metal band in Finland at the moment. They put huge effort in live performance by using for example hidden make-up and UV-lights. A year ago they performed in Viikinsaari at an event called SaariHelvetti (translated to IslandHell) and the audience was totally left in hunger for more."
Rowan Rafferty, NEM-Agency (Freely translated from an Finnish interview)

"Do I really need to mention again how intense and inspiring a FEAR OF DOMINATION show is? They guys - and the girl, namely special guest Helena Haaparanta - had the audience go nuts and could not be allowed to leave before playing a couple of encores ... a great finale to another great Findustry event."
Stalker magazine review of FoD's Findustry show

"Fear Of Domination delivers once again twisted and dark packet with really good atmosphere. It keeps the listener tangled to it's melody from the first note to last. It's nice to see that the band is able to create something new and in a way different kind of music but still sound like true Fear Of Domination. Speacially the ever growing amount of clean vocals in their songs give them really nice edge."
Pitch!-magazine 4,5/5 review

"A rather nice boyband."
From a fan. Best feedback ever.