Name:  Jan-Erik ”JINX” Kari

Year of Birth: 1989

Favorite Beverage: Quality craft beers

Equipment: My guitars are custom-made and customized by Suhonen Guitars. Nowadays I use Kemper Profiling Amp and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I also use multiple pedals from various manufacturers like TC Electronic, Behringer, Boss, etc. For in-ear monitoring I use LD Systems.

Background in music:

I have always loved music and what it can do. Playing, listening, seeing live or hearing in a game or a movie. It has such a significant impact on how I deal with things in my life. Regardless, if I have a bad or a wonderful day, I can always find some kind of music to channel my feelings into. Kudos to my older siblings who have shown me “the path to the Dark Side”. Although I listen a lot of heavier music, I don’t restrict my taste. Good music is always good.

My first instrument was drums which was inspired by my big brother since he played them. I played drums for a few years before switching my instrument to guitar. Before I got my first electric guitar I learned to play metal with an old acoustic. One must start somewhere, right?

How did I end up in FOD?

I didn’t exactly end up in FOD because I was more like a part of its creation. It all began with this semi-alcohol-infused night with a couple of youngsters in a sauna that had an idea to start a band. I haven’t had any regrets although the guys in the band can sometimes cause me some grey beard hair. I guess that’s part of being in a band. FOD is my first and only band that I’ve been in so far.