Name: Johannes Niemi

Year of Birth: 1989

Favorite Beverage: Vodka and tequila

Equipment: Dean Razorback V255, various Ibanez guitars and Peavey 6505+ amp with matching cabinet.

Background in music:
I was born on a misty morning at Hyvinkää general hospital and raised in Nurmijärvi more specifically in a little town of Rajamäki. I was drawn to music by my older siblings who played piano and other classical instruments. I started my own musical career at the age of 7 with classical piano. As I grew my musical preferences started to turn to much heavier music and I found bands like Black Sabbath and Guns and Roses. Same time I started to play drums and guitar as my piano studies started to loose my interest. This was at the time when I was in junior high school and started our first band with Lauri. My preferences for music also had gotten even more heavier for I listened bands like In Flames, Nightwish and Children of Bodom. This was first time also when I composed my first songs. In the following years I played in various projects from power-metal to progressive death-metal honing my composing skills at the same time. One year all my projects were on a hold and I had to do something. I called Lauri and asked if I could come to his band rehearsals for I had heard that they had some kind of project going on.

How did I end up in FOD?
When I did that call to Lauri in the summer of 2007 I never knew where I putting myself up to. I made it clear to other members (that time Jan-Erik, Saku, Lauri and Jaakko) that I wouldn’t probably be there for good as I hoped that my other band projects would continue eventually. The band was also satisfied by this for they considered if they even needed a second guitarist. My personal idea was just to go there and play music, have good time and see if this goes somewhere. First rehearsals turned to several and as my other projects were still on a hold little by little I started to compose songs for FOD. First examples of my early work with this band turned out prototypes of songs Punish Y.S and Theatre where there is clear reference to my backround of making death-trash-metal. Somewhere between making the first demo and first album I had a feeling that I wouldn’t be anymore going nowhere and making songs for FOD was really the challenge that I was looking to develop my playing and composing skills.

Why do I love to be insane?
This one loves to be insane when there’s multiple like-minded people around him. Opportunity to make music, share gigs and unforgettable moments with awesome people and fans, this one cannot deny loving it!