Name: Lasse Raelahti

Year of Birth: 1988

Favorite Beverage: Scotch Whiskys (preferring the more smoky ones)

Equipment: I play the computer! My trusty Roland AX-7 equipped with Panda-audio midiBeam and rack full of various things that have nice flashing lights help with the process. My complex setup is made possible with LiveProfessor 2 – VST host software made by Audioström! Honourable mentions go for Spectrasonics Omnisphere – VSTi and Shure SE-series in-ear-monitors.

Background in music:
I started playing classical piano just before my 7th birthday in Vantaan Musiikkiopisto. I continued to take lessons until I was 19 years old also taking the mandatory music theory classes. I found metal music around the age of 13 with finnish bands like Nightwish, Sonata Arctica and Children of Bodom. Around that same period I started to play keyboards alongside the piano. I also had my first band projects during my early teens in which I played keyboards and bass (poorly…) and did vocals as well. The first “real bands” I joined in upper secondary school. By that point I was going more and more towards the keyboards so that was my main thing while also singing backup and lead vocals. During that time I also met Vesa and Jonne and we actually played couple of years in a metal band together. After upper secondary school I did my military service for 1 year which caused a break in my musical life. I drifted around without really doing any projects until fall of 2011 when I joined a band called Volymian as a keyboard player. I stayed in Volymian until I realized that playing in two bands while studying in a university and working some hours at fast food joint just wasn’t possible. I later played keyboard’s on Volymian’s debut album “Maze of Madness”.

How did I end up in FOD?
I was approached by Jonne while FoD was playing a gig in Helsinki in the spring of 2012 to join the band. I had been on the road with the band for couple of gigs around Finland during the spring 2012 as a merchandise salesguy so the chemistry within the group was somewhat already tested and as said before I knew Vesa and Jonne already from previous band projects.